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What exactly is creativity?

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What exacly is creativity

Creativity is the greatest gift of human intelligence. As the world becomes more complex, we need to become more creative in order to meet these challenges. Sir Ken Robinson, Out of our minds
Because of its elusiveness and the difficulty that scientists have in defining it, creativity is a concept that draws considerable attention in many spheres of society, from art, through education, to the world of business.

What does creativity really represent?

Sir Ken Robinson points out that great ideas in human history transformed the world of that time and influenced the shaping of cultures of the time, and it is indisputable that modern society is precisely the result of human creativity, making this term the central theme of the social sciences and humanities.

Creativity and creative activities are at the heart of every 21st century success story. Once considered a gift of God and then a part of artistic genius, creativity has been democratized over time, and it seems that today everyone wants to be “creative”, which has led to the paradox that creativity is both ubiquitous and absent, accessible to everyone, and essentially rare, and because of such overuse and unmeasured use, the word creativity lost value, Bilton said.

Creativity is actually a much more complex and demanding process than simply inventing smart ideas, “inspiration” or spontaneous inventiveness, so it is not only inherent to select individuals, but depends rather on combining seemingly contradictory processes and personality characteristic.

When defining the term creativity, we encounter difficulties because of the quasi-spiritual character attributed to it. Almost from the beginnings of civilization and human creation, creativity was interpreted as the work of external forces – the gift of husbands or gods. The word itself originates from the Latin term creation ex nihilo, which signifies the creation of something out of nothing – a divine act contrary to creatio ex materia and quite different from the human ability to do something.

Therefore, creativity is seen as a virtue of the elect and the enveloped, as an expression of a higher power that breathes thought – inspires – in the literal meaning of the word, as we can recognize in the myths and biblical description of first creation.
It was not until romanticism that an idea emerged that sought the origin of inspiration within man. In the light of the above, it is not difficult to conclude that Western thought often links creativity to the irrational and the limits of common sense and reasoning.

It was not until romanticism that an idea emerged that sought the origin of inspiration is within man.

Two components of creativity:

The first is imagination, which can be defined as the process of invoking thoughts and hearing things that are not present in reality.

Imagination is followed by creativity, which can be seen as a process of developing and making original ideas that have value.

From creativity to innovation

The concept of creativity is closely linked to the concept of innovation. Some authors state that the two terms have often been used synonymously by many scholars, while at the same time others have made a clear distinction between these terms.

This dilemma can be resolved by pointing out that the term ‘innovation’ is more commonly used at the organizational level, while the term ‘creativity’ is used to refer to an individual or team characteristic, but at the same time it is a key factor of innovation, which is for the organization most important.

Innovation cannot be viewed separately from creativity, because creativity turns out to be an initial and necessary step in the process of creating an innovation

How to use creativity in business?

Creativity is relatively poorly researched in relation to management, while creativity management studies are primarily based on quantitative examinations, leading us to a clear need for systematic, detailed, qualitative and contextualized case studies to answer questions about how creativity is managed in the work environment .

It is indisputable that creativity still stands outside traditional management studies, although a considerable amount of business school research and organizational theory is devoted to studies of the development of organizations and companies.

The ability of organizations to use intellectual resources is a source of sustainable competitive advantage, and it is therefore unclear that creativity remains one of the most contested, but also least understood processes or activities within a broad field of interrelated management and leadership theories and practices.

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