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Train your brain to be more effective!

by SmartBrainTips

The brain is constantly changing its structure. The flow of thoughts, feelings and desires is constant, and only profane people know how to direct it to serve only those goals that are really important to us, in the short and long term.

It is a kind of work to save energy that the brain consumes every day. To stop the flow of unnecessary thoughts, such as frustration, insecurity, self-criticism arising from situations that the brain is examining, is an unnecessary waste of energy.

Neuroplasticity conditioned by experience is a term used by American Rick Hanson, author of “The Brain of the Buddha.”

With the help of 7 basic guidelines, devised by this man, it is possible to occupy your own mind and direct it to work for us, finally. Specifically, the brain has evolved into an organ focused on external stimulus, to protect us from traumatic experiences.

Thus, it is a system that is in a constant state of alertness, focused on detecting a potential danger which easily leads to complete distraction from important goals. We don’t want this text to go in that direction… so here’s what you need to know to start using your own mind for your own goals.

1. Head to head!

It is a decision that today we will be focused on what is essential in our daily tasks, focused on positive approaches to solving problems, or simply determined to use only the pure mind in everything that comes to us today.
There are two ways to be deceived or to instruct the brain that it must be disciplined today. The first is to set it as a goal, command or suggestion, and second, to seek to find an emotion within you that will motivate you to give your best today.

2. Relax!

Simple breathing exercises take the least time to relax. For example, you have sat at a desk at work or are just in the college bench and facing a tough exam. Breathe in several times, and then breathe out twice as slowly from the lungs.
That way, a mechanism in your brain that is focused on fighting or escaping will calm down. It is this part of our brain that is the true hero in us, it turns on when we are in danger. In everyday life, in harmless situations, we don’t need that hero. May it rest for some turbulent times.

Inhale… exhale…

3. Find a happy thought!

No matter what your life looks like right now, try to think of one positive thing, event, or person that makes you feel really good. Focus on that thought, embrace it in your being and hold on for as long as you can. After warming your brain, warm your heart too, because one doesn’t go without one another!

4. Find a safe corner!

Just like a scared kid in kindergarten, find a safe place. A safe corner, thought, person or event that makes you feel protected. When you do this, you rely on your own strengths, which you have within you, which is why you are ready to accept whatever life or your day is carrying.
Release anxiety, unnecessary longing or excessive self-protection. It’s all just garbage that pollutes the fresh air of your soul.

5. Smile!

It’s so easy! If you want to have a relaxed, redundant brain ready for serious work, get rid of the negative and try to focus it on the positive. Kids pictures, childhood photos, pets, kids, loved ones, romantic love, music that inspires you, a short dance in the kitchen, the little things that mean life… these can all be tiny keys that open pathways to neurotransmitters with positive emotions which then send to the brain information that it’s time to release dopamine, which will become a barrier to working memory, allowing memory to work peacefully.

6. After the mind, also bring awareness to the body

While playing with the brain and trying to get it to work properly, try to involve the whole body in the process. And it has mechanisms by which it sends certain stimuli to the brain, how and what to do today.
The relaxed body sends relaxed messages. Tense, tense. Dance helps. Aromatic scents too. Use your imagination.

7. Stay where you are

..but only for 20 to 30 seconds. Hold on to that positive feeling, then release it and so on several occasions. Let the positive commands to the brain come in waves. The exercise does not take long. Now that you have done all this, understand how you have already used your brain to something that is very important to you: a calm and mind-focused thing.

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