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These are the signs of a bad disease – Here’s what symptoms indicate a brain tumor!

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They occur regardless of the number of years, while they rank second in the incidence of tumors in children. And what symptoms should we pay particular attention to?

Brain tumors are neoplasms that arise from various structures located within the bones of the head (brain tissue, blood vessels, cerebral membranes, cerebral nerves and their membranes).

According to their behavior, they can be benign or malignant.

Benign tumors are usually caused by benign changes in the nerve membranes, cerebral membranes or blood vessels. Regardless of their nature, changes can remain symptom-free for years due to their growth and inability to propagate in the skeletal bony armor. They cause pressure in the brain structure, irritation or destruction, and therefore require serious access and treatment (medication, surgical or radiological treatment) at the time when they give symptoms.

Malignant tumors by their origin can be caused by malignant changes in the brain cells themselves, so we are talking about primary brain tumors that may be of varying degrees of malignancy or may be due to metastatic spread through the blood of another primary tumor in the body. Then we say that it is a brain metastasis, ie. secondary brain tumors, which make up 20% of all brain tumors.

Most often, the brain metastasizes to lung, breast, thyroid, kidney and malignant melanomas.

Why is a brain tumor created?

The causative factors for the formation of brain tumors are most commonly unknown. However, the literature mentions evidence and data regarding the occurrence of certain types of brain tumors – from genetically – inherited predispositions to certain types of brain tumors, the association of chemical and viral pathogens, to trauma, radiation, chemotherapy and the use of immunosuppressive drugs.

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In brain tumors, there is increase in pressure within the cranial cavity due to the growth of the tumor mass, a swelling that affects mainly the white brain mass, or due to obstructions in the normal circulation of brain fluid. Therefore, due to the growth and the inability to expand due to the surrounding bony armor in the cranial cavity, every process, initially and benign, was malignant in its behavior and required resolution.

Symptoms of brain tumors

Brain tumor headache can be due to tension or pressure on structures that are sensitive to pain (hard cerebral membranes, sinuses… arteries based on brain or on brain nerves, that convey the feeling of pain). It occurs earlier with tumors located in the posterior cranial pit, it’s often pain like “burning” or pulsating, gradually increasing, most severe in the early morning, sometimes occurring at night. Some activities can enhance it… They can increase pressure in the skull, such as physical exertion, coughing, sneezing, stool stress, coitus, and the like.

Stroke can be prevented in 90% of cases, and physical activity has been shown to protect the brain.

Changes to the ocular background, which we call the papillary path, are due to a delay in veins on the ocular background due to pressure being increased in the skull. They occur really early in cases of brain tumors. They may answer for other reasons.

Vomiting when suffering from brain tumors usually happens in the morning, occurs abruptly, in arc, without previous nausea. It occurs in 50% of cases of brain tumors.

In addition to a few of the common signs of brain tumors, a common symptom of increased pressure inside the skull, often is some form of seizure, usually epileptic. Typically the one occurring for the first time in life (sudden loss of limb cramps, foam on the mouth, tongue bite or spontaneous urination, or narrowing reduce with spasms of one arm or arm and leg unilaterally, but also with spasms of facial muscles).

Many patients complain about being insecure… having loss of balance, weakened intellectual function (signs of light-headedness, feeling dull, signs of getting intellectual functions slowing down, forgetfulness, slowness, disturbances of abstract thinking, depression, drowsiness), dizziness, signs of disturbed consciousness (from drowsiness to coma), but also disorders of vegetative functions; blood pressure, impaired pulse, rhythm and regularity of breathing.

In addition to the above signs, the so-called localization signs that result from damage to the function of the parts of the brain that the tumor damages by its growth, destruction, compression, ie. by pressure or irritation. Various disorders of speech, extremity distractions, impaired sensations (hearing, smell, vision) and the like can occur.

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