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The impact of exercise on the brain

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Whether you want to improve your memory, improve your problem-solving skills, or reduce your risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, physical exercise plays a big part in that.

More specifically, exercise that includes aerobic training as well as exercise training gives the overall greatest improvement in cognitive processes.

According to research done by the Exercise Department at the University of Georgia, even short minutes of exercise speed up information processing and memory function. Exercise affects the brain in many ways. It increases the heart rate, which brings more oxygen to the brain, but also helps the body release hormones that aid the growth of brain cells.

Exercise protects you! From depression and stress!

It is proven by research that exercise is one of the most powerful ‘’weapons’’ when overcoming depression and exercise always outweighs use of antidepressants and similar drugs. To go deeper into the topic… it is also proven that in most cases, drugs are no better then a pure placebo. But, with adding many serious side effects that can happen due to drug intake.

Another way in which exercise supports our mental state (health) is through normalizing blood sugar. Or to be exact, insulin resistance, and increasing natural “good” hormones, including endorphins, serotonins and dopamine.

Some researchers from Sweden discovered a technique. This exercise technique helps reduce depression and stress. Research proved that… if we exercise enough and make our muscles well-trained, our body has higher levels of metabolism ‘’power’’ to cope with kynurenine (stress chemical). Body metabolizes kynurenine, main guilty party for stress! Their discovery actually showed that training your muscles to deal with kynurenine (stress chemicals) and that leads to getting depression to an end.

Another study also showed a clear link between being inactive and being depressed. Research was made among Women. And those who were sitting for more than seven hours a day…  had a 47% higher percentage of risk when talking about depression and compared to women who sat for four hours or less. Those who did not have any physical activity… now listen to this carefully! They had a 99% higher risk of depression than subjects who exercised.

Move to be more creative

Physical activity will boost your creativity! Physical activity will also help you find different solutions to problems you already have. For example, Stanford University researchers found that simple walking boosts creativity by up to 60%, even walking around the office space can be beneficial.

Increase and regeneration of the brain

The brain has the ability to rejuvenate and rebuild throughout life. Exercise is great at fighting dementia, and everyone who exercises regularly has a greater amount of gray matter in the brain’s hippocampus, and that is important for memory. Likewise, physical activity prevents age-related brain shrinkage while maintaining the brain’s white and gray matter at the same time.

Nutrition, fasting and diet also play a big role!

Here’s a really interesting fact. Exercise and fasting trigger growth factors and similar genes that rejuvenate both muscle and brain tissue. These factors of growth send signals to brain cells to create new neurons and muscle cells. This also explains why exercising during fasting will help your brain and muscle tissues rejuvenate. What you eat is also important, as a sugary diet combined with regular exercise is effective when it comes to preserving memory and preventing depression. Sugar, especially fructose, will cancel the growth hormone if consumed two hours after training.

Exercising can help you maintain acuity in old age

Although you can never say ‘’it’s too late to start exercising’’, the sooner you start and if you are consistent in it, the “rewards” will be the amazing. An active life is really an investment future. Investment in being physically, mentally stable and endurable while having overall well-being feeling. High-intensity interval training helps you take maximum of health benefits out of exercise while being the most effective and therefore the least time consuming. Therefore, it would be best if you had a complete exercise (fitness) program that covers a large number of different exercises.

The most important thing is to somehow avoid sitting, as much as possible, but also to walk more every day. Try to go between 7,000 and 10,000 steps a day, in addition to your usual fitness regimen. The science is really clear on this, you don’t have to lose your cognitive skills as you age. Your brain has the capacity to regenerate and grow throughout life and physical activity may be the best way to ensure that your brain continues to grow and rejuvenate.

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