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The human brain as the fastest supercomputer

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If our “gray mass” were a computer, it would process information ten times faster than the world’s currently fastest computer.

You have probably heard repeatedly that something fastest on Earth is human mind. It’s a fraction of a second to imagine and you’ll already be “on the other side of the world.” As you imagine an exotic part of the world, information is transmitted to neurons in the brain at a speed of about 430 kilometers per hour. In addition, the energy that is collected in our brain is enough to light a light bulb, the media reports. With nearly 100 billion neurons and 40,000 interconnections called synapses, each person thinks in a unique way. We can conclude that if they were computers, our brains would be capable of performing one quintillion (billion billion) operations per second. And that’s ten times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer right now.

In 2009, an expert at Cisko said that in 2020, $ 1,000 would be enough to buy a computer whose data processing speed would rank in the human brain. It can be said that he did not do much wrong.

In the history of supercomputers, in 1985 the fastest computer in the world was called “Cray 2” and could handle 1.9 billion operations per second. Although this speed seems impressive, it should be said that today’s average mobile phone is much faster than it. The former bulky supercomputer could fit in his pocket thirty years later, and its speed has meanwhile grown significantly, as speeds are now increasing significantly every few months.

The world’s list of 500 fastest computers is updated twice a year. As we wrote, in November, the title of fastest was given to a Chinese computer called “Sunway TaihuLight”. Its ability is to process 93 quadrillion operations per second, or 93 petaflops. It is used for weather forecasting, but also for making a 3-space map of the universe, etc. In addition to using a large amount of energy, it also occupies a large space that spans thousands of square meters.

The Cray Ink Company, which currently owns the fastest supercomputer in the United States (called “Titan”), says it receives thousands of proposals each year from various organizations, but to reduce them to just 40 or 50 to get started.

Their application is mostly used in artificial intelligence development, space exploration and biotechnology, especially in precision medicine (medicine that is based on the special attention given to each patient to make therapy faster and more effective).

Computers are getting faster every year, but the limit on computer development has not yet been reached. It is an industry that, in symbiosis with the development of technology, will continue to grow to an unprecedented scale. Another reason for the rapid development of supercomputers is the rivalry between countries, especially between China and the US. Currently, China dominates, with announcements from both countries announcing the development and launch of even faster supercomputers.

We remind you that the US plans to launch a 200 petaflop computer this year, while China’s goal is to develop an “exascale” 1 exflop computer in 2020 (1 quintillion data, or 1,000 petaflops). In short, it is the rate at which the human brain is estimated to be able to process data. This computer, when built, will certainly not cost $ 1,000, as predicted by a Cisco expert in 2009. But it should be remembered that the fastest supercomputer of 2009, when compared to the current strongest computer in China, had a power of just two percent. Which means that in eight years the speed of data processing has increased by 5,000 percent. According to media reports, investment in the development of supercomputers is projected to reach $ 33 billion by 2022.

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