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Panic Attack – Tips on how to get rid of it

by SmartBrainTips
PANIC ATTACK - Tips on how to get rid of it

Panic attack“, as we usually call it, science recognizes as a condition in which our body through the secretion of stress hormones, literally tells us to “fight or flight” when there is a stressful situation that occupies us.

The most important thing to know is that a panic attack is a subjective feeling, which cannot objectively hurt.
It is unpleasant because one feels extremely strong fears of death or accident, danger or loss, tightness in the throat of a butterfly in the stomach, lack of air, nervousness, dizziness and many similar inconveniences. However, there are techniques to overcome this condition and we have chosen The 10 most effective, which are easy to apply right after you get into this uneasy state.

Talk to yourself:

Say out loud to yourself: “Being afraid and feeling helpless does not mean that I am weak; it is just an instant feeling that will soon pass.”

It would not be a bad idea to look in the mirror as you say these words. This can ease panic attack because our brain will accept ‘’new’’ information and override itself.

Cold water:

Wash yourself with cold water!
Our body is relaxing when in contact with water. In addition, when the water is cold, body sends information/message to the brain to slow down.


Do not sit down! Our brain is feeling helpless when siting down and not moving enough. It feels trapped in the moment and that is why you should always start walking slowly and breathe deeply.


If you are in enclosed space, open all windows and let the fresh air in.
As with moving, your brain can feel helpless when you are in enclosed space, getting information that there is ‘’no escape’’.


If you are not alone at the moment panic attack strikes, talk about anything that doesn’t involve the state you are in. Mentioning panic attack does not solve it. Talk about something funny, interesting and about something that does not involve everyday problems! Distraction is an amazing tool.

TV and music:

If you are alone and having a panic attack try turning on the TV or play a funny video online, some with animals or kids since those videos release endorphin that will calm your entire body, therefor, your brain. You can count backwards from 100 out loud or call a close person.

Good choice in a panic attack is also playing music.  However, the one that is cheering and good for singing/dancing with. Do not play sad or slow music.


If you feel dizziness while panic attack strikes, start a easy workout, stimulating workout… It will lead your body to get out of the bad state, so will the brain.

Everything is going to be ok:

Star repeating to yourself that panic attack is only because of stress. Start also repeating the fact that everything bad will pass with time, so this present moment will pass too. Because something better is coming.


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