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Nootropics and Their Effect on Creativity

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Nootropics and Their Effect on Creativity

Albert Einstein, Rabindranath Tagore, and Akbar. These personalities lived regions and decades apart, but were very similar in one fashion. These great men were adept at different things such as scientific understanding, linguistic abilities, and strategy, but what they shared in common was even bigger and mightier than these abilities- CREATIVITY.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is one of the few talents that not many possess but is extremely sought after. These men were above all superbly gifted in the creative sphere and worked their whole lives to polish and hone this prized possession.

Akbar, for instance, was supremely creative in coming up with unique solutions to rule his empire, and owing to which he was able to capture a large part of India. Einstein was equally talented and came up with an equation that summed up one of the most misunderstood laws of nature, gravity. This would not have been possible had he not been creative with symbols, letters, and moreover, his imagination.  

Rabindranath Tagore, on the other hand, was creative in another dimension. He could use words in such a manner that they evoked deep emotions, n and creatively put together words to describe situations, people, and events in his work. His work is well- read and admired by people from all over the world even today. 

What we have been trying to convey is that creativity is such a wonderful thing. As opposed to popular belief, it is not a thing of the elite. We all have our fair share of creative instincts, but it needs nurturing in due course, or we might tarnish it. 

People are also unaware of the actual meaning of the word. Creativity is the ability to connect the old with the new to come up with a unique idea or thought. It also can be expressed in a variety of ways, such as by coming up with an original recipe, tune, or even a different tone of talking so as to engage the audience in your talk. People do not have to be famous or popular to be creative. It is reflected in even the smallest of things, such as a cute caption, or handwriting.

Creativity and intelligence

Creativity and intelligence also have little connection. Immensely intelligent people  may not be creative at all and/or people with low intelligence may be the most creative ones. However, you need to be a little intelligent to understand and come up with a logical and unique solution or idea.  

You must be able to understand the old ways of doing something to improve upon it.  For example, you must be intelligent enough to understand the meanings of words and grammar in order to come up with a creative thought, or form an opinion. 

Apart from this, there is no relation between intelligence and creativity. Hence, it is safe to say that the lack of one does not indicate the lack of the other, nor does the presence of one claim the presence of the other.

What are Nootropics?

Creativity also requires focused and undivided attention to the  task. According to researchers who studied the changes that the brain goes through while coming up with a creative solution, creativity requires us to use all the parts of our brain as opposed to only one or two. This means that it is a very strenuous task and not a very easy feat. 

Anxiety and overworking our brains by focusing on low vibration thoughts also cause a hindrance and reduce the brain’s ability to think. Thereby, people who want to be creative and come up with maximum content must abstain from these. 

But as we live in a very face-paced and stressful life with social media taking up most of our time, it is difficult to maintain mental health. 

This is where Nootropics come in the picture. Nootropics roughly translates to ways on turning or bending your mind. They are also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers.  These substances are known to have a positive effect on an individual’s motivation, memory, and overall functioning. 

They are substances that help us alter our brain in a favorable condition so as to relax and soothe it. It helps us stabilize our brain and indirectly increase its productivity levels including

the ability to be creative. These substances, however, do not directly affect the intellect. They improve our mental state which thereby causes better functioning. 

Common Nootropics include:
– Caffeine
– L-Theanine
– Creatine
– Bacopa Monnieri
– Rhodiola Rosea
– Panax Ginseng
– Ginkgo Biloba

All the above mentioned are the names of herbs found in nature. They are very effective and have little to no side effect if consumed in sensible doses. All these drugs are also prescribed by ancient sages, and have the backing of the manuscripts of learned people.  

It has been observed that our brain works best when it produces theta and alpha brain waves. During this time, the human brain  is in the ‘flow’ state wherein the task at hand matches his/her understanding. This is when the individual is so immersed at the task at hand that they hardly notice time flying by.  

We are pretty sure you must have encountered such a situation first hand. It happens a lot of times that we get so immersed in driving that it is hard to notice how long we have driven for. Nootropics help us achieve the ‘flow’ state so that our ability to work at any task is easy, and our attention is more focused.  Lastly, there are also nootropics that are sold tightly packed in the form of doses. There are a variety of companies who cater to these. You can definitely source them from nature, but these supplements are also as, if not more, effective. They are sold in many online and offline store. You can easily buy them off any site conveniently and have the company drop it off as your home.

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