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Multitasking kills your brain!

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Multitasking kills your brain fact

Our brains are not destined for multitasking but to focus on one thing at a time. Bombing with information only slows us down, and here’s why we urgently need to put an end to this bad habit.

Top scientists have proven that when people think they are doing multitasking, they actually just switch from one task to another very quickly. Famous psychologist Daniel Goleman also spoke about this on a recent teaching.

This switch encourages bad habits in the brain, as reported. And every time this happens, there is a great cognitive expenditure. Every time we do a small task, we get a dose of dopamine secreted as a reward hormone. It pleases our brains because it gives us a sense of happiness and contentment after our tasks.

It’s easy to find that supposedly multitasking gets us too much of this hormone because we have the feeling that we are doing a lot of switching between things. Like when we do a project and respond to Twitter messages or emails at the same time. Because of this, some scholars even find that email and social networks are addictive.

Although many cite it in biography as a special skill, the reality is that multitasking lowers the quality and efficiency of work. It makes it difficult for you to organize your thoughts and filter out irrelevant information. Science has shown that the IQ drops of multitasking individuals get the same shape as when they do not sleep all night or smoke marijuana.

Multitasking increases the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Our brains constantly change speed and focus making us exhausted, stressed.

Also, what drives the biggest chaos of multitasking is our Inboxes. Studies show that learning about an unread message can irritate you and reduce your IQ by as much as 10. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute shows that employees spend as much as 28 percent of their work checking email.

The evaluation of many studies concluded that you should be advised to limit yourself to only three email checks per day. When you get to work in the morning, on the break after lunch and before leaving the office. Do the same with messages on your mobile phone.

Multitasking affects men worse. For them, it can reduce IQ points by as much as 15. It can essentially reduce you to the level of an eight-year-old. This is why you sometimes get the impression that you are ‘brainwashed’. Care should be taken as new research says the detrimental effects of multitasking can be permanent.

When a study was conducted on people using several devices at the same time, such as watching TV and typing a message, it showed amazing results. Their brain density was lower in the anterior singular cortex, which is an area designated for empathy and emotional control.

The modern-day man is sleeping less and less, talking faster, and constantly chasing somewhere. He eats by the way or during work, working on weekends and during holidays. Stress and burnout are diseases of the new age. It seems like we live in a constantly moving society. When we take a closer look, we get the impression that we are living in an “era of disruption”. It seems very difficult to pay attention to something completely concentrated for more than 20 minutes. Whether we work or are in a coffee shop, whether we are talking to someone privately or business. It is very difficult to devote yourself to a specific time without interrupting the ringing of your phone, notification that an email has arrived, or that there is a new post on one of the social networks and the like. While in some countries it is obligatory to switch off the phone during a business conversation, in some it is quite normal for people to have telephone conversations with absentees at a meeting. Not only is this an expression of disrespect, but people forget the basic lesson of mobile phone bonuses, which is to give preference to the people present.

All of this comes with your own personal thoughts, which hinder you. Get yourself thinking, “Did I pay the bill?”, “Should I go shopping,” or “Just not to be late for kindergarten.” Researchers Nass Ophir and Wagner from Stanford University wanted to find out what special talents people with multitasking abilities have and what other people don’t have. “We were persistently trying to find out what they were better at, but we were unable to find anything,” says Ophir, a lead researcher for the project. In research, in each test we would divide people into two groups: those who do multiple things at once and those who do not. Each time, it turned out that those who were supposed to do more than one thing at a time had trouble completing the tasks they were given and their results were very poor.

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