Home Facts Meeting with death – Scientists have discovered that the brain works even when the heart stops working!

Meeting with death – Scientists have discovered that the brain works even when the heart stops working!

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The human brain functions after death, which means that a person knows he is dead, the latest research shows. Scientists say they have found that seconds after the heart stops working, the brain is still actively functioning.
Experts say this indicates that the patient can be fully aware of what is happening to him as his consciousness continues to work.
Shortly after death, a person may be “trapped” inside their dead body with a brain that continues to function, scientists assume.
People who survived a heart attack were aware of what was happening around them while they were clinically dead before “bringing them back to life” and allowing them to describe what happened to them after they stopped breathing, new study shows .

Evidence shows that the deceased can even hear being pronounced dead!
Dr. Sam Parney and his team at Stonibruck University in New York have examined post-mortem consciousness by studying heart attacks in Europe and the US.
He argues that the study found that people often change after an “afterlife” experience and are more likely to help others after an ‘’afterlife’’ experience. And we must agree that there is logic in that.
Despite what’s shown in the movies, Dr. Parnia adds that people do not return with memories and visions.
In the 1990 movie “The Flute Flyers” starring Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon, as well as a remake of 2017, a group of medical students stop their hearts and return to life with visions of their own past.
But Dr. Parnia claims that when a person is revived, he does not return with a “magical improvement” in his memory.

  • These people described that they watched what doctors and nurses were doing, that they were aware of the conversations, the visual details that explained to them what was happening and what they would not have known otherwise – he says.
  • The time of declaring death is related to the moment when the heart stops. Technically, it’s a time of death – he adds.
    But he states that the cerebral cortex, known as the “thinking part,” also slows and dies, but brain cells can remain active for hours after the heart stops working.
  • When you revive the heart, you also revive the brain, because you give it 50 percent of the blood it needs to begin its functions – he points out.
  • The longer you revive someone, the death of the brain cells is still going on, but in a slow motion. Maybe that’s why people come back with positive changes from the “afterlife” – he adds.
  • Possess more altruism, become more engaged in helping others. They find a new meaning in life, which has met with death. But it is not a matter of “magically improving” memory. It’s a product of Hollywood – he concludes.
    His study shows what happens to the brain after a person experiences a heart attack and how consciousness continues to function after death and for how long.
    The aim of this research is to improve the quality of artificial respiration and to avoid brain damage when reviving the heart.

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