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Improve brain functions – 15 exercises for better memory!

by SmartBrainTips
Improve brain FUNCTIONS 15 exercises for BETTER MEMORY memory

Not satisfied with how your memory serves you? Try neurobics, a system of exercises to stimulate mental capacity and preserve memory.

For all of us, life turns into a mess. The “work-home-pile-up” scheme is slowly pushing us into mental inertia. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to focus on something new, we have less memory, our concentration is poor… The brain functions the same as the body. If it does not move, it becomes sluggish. So it has to be practiced.

You can improve your memory by exercising regularly


The term neurobics was coined by Americans Lawrence Kac and Mening Rubin to designate a system of exercises to stimulate mental capacity. The main tasks of neurobics are to stimulate brain function and preserve good memory. Exercises should be done by everyone – children to train mindfulness and get used to adopting new content, and adults to be mentally active and prevent dementia.


Mental abilities weaken due to the weakening of the neural cell connection in the cerebral cortex. Nerve cells were once thought to be non-renewable, but recently the opposite has been proven. Dead nerve cells, as well as cells of the cerebral cortex, can be repaired, but this requires regular training.


These are simple but extremely effective exercises. You do not need money for them, neither preparation nor much time. You can do them anywhere, anytime. Both at home, at work, and while eating and taking a shower… Here are some of the exercises you might try:

1. New places

Visit places you’ve never been to or rarely go to because new visual controls stimulate perception. It could be a new big park, a jewelry store, a bookstore…

2. Different scents

Buy bottles of various essential oils, aromatic candles or scented sticks. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, indulge in a scent you have never smelled before. The unknown aroma will wake your brain.

3. Walking staring

Walking around the apartment staring, it’s a great exercise for concentration.

4. Left to right

If you are right-handed, do not brush your teeth with your right, but with your left hand, and vice versa.

5. Nice things

Maybe a suit does not make a person, but it affects the state of mind. It is scientifically proven that the clothes we wear affect both our feelings, our sexuality, our way of thinking, and inventing new clothing combinations fosters creativity.

6. Pantomimes

It’s not easy to master Braille or learn how to speak gestures, but both will amazingly develop your senses.

7. Second route

Change the route you go to work or shop as often as possible. Even if the new route is longer, don’t be discouraged. You will also exercise your brain and your leg muscles.

8. Challenges

Be confident. If you get the chance to try yourself in a new job that you are not particularly skilled at, the hoops take on the challenge. The brain is most rapidly activated when one does not know exactly what to do.

9. Unusual answers

Think of unusual answers to ordinary questions. Even on a daily basis, how you are can be answered in at least 10 different ways.

10. Touching

Learn to differentiate different forged coins on the touch. Exercise is repeatedly useful because it develops the sense of touch and “builds up” nerve cells. Do it while sitting in the waiting room or standing in line in the mail. You will be short of time.

11. Focus

If you follow fashion magazines, buy one that deals with economics. Do you love travel books? Skip them and read articles about animals. This does not mean that you should give up your interests, but that you change your focus from time to time.

12. TV without tone

Mute the TV to the end and try to reconstruct the dialogue by mimics and pictures. This is especially interesting if it is done with company.

13. A Different Weekend

If you usually spend the weekend in the city, take a trip to nature next time. You rarely listen to music? Then buy tickets to the concert, and you will experience many new feelings. If you don’t like it, you can always go out.

14. Counter-tempo

If you are slow, deliberately set yourself the task of accelerating twice. If you are out of place, work your way up. Changing your natural pace is a great workout for concentration.

15. Kidding

Making jokes and making jokes is not only fun but also a very useful mental activity. Humor initiates a network of new associations, develops creativity and mental abilities.


This tips will definitely improve all brain functions!

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