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How to train your brain to always be happy and positive

by SmartBrainTips
How to train your brain to always be happy and positive

Seems like the Billion Dollar question these days, that hounds people of all cultures, irrespective of the gender – How to be happy in times of success and resilient at times of failure. First things first, one can be completely happy without being positive and completely positive without being happy. Being happy is regarded as a state of being able to fulfill your aspiration and not merely being economically wealthy. In fact, happy people are the ones who are economically, emotionally and psychosocially happy. The ability to maintain a stable job, and heed to the needs of OURSELVES and our loved ones, all contribute towards a happy and more complete version of ourselves.While a mantra fits all is hard to deduct, we can follow these simple procedures that can make life-changing impacts!

The ADME of frustration

ADME stands for Absorption, Digestion, Metabolism and Excretion of a drug in pharmacology. While being frustrated at wrongdoings (of others and ourselves) is acceptable for a limited period of time, when its assimilation lasts for more than a few days, it can significantly hamper our ability to be joyous and hopeful. Frustration can be likened to a slow poison that not only impacts our psyche but the biochemical changes at the cellular levels have also been shown to have terrible consequences at our motivation and can make us a part of a vicious cycle.

Confront your negative thought patterns

Negative thoughts attract negative situations from negative people and can lead to awful results. Positive thoughts can at least curb this cycle and this is the “primary prevention” against depression and a non-progressive mindset. It is very important to change one thing at a time and to slice your bigger problems into smaller and more manageable chunks. Trying to take a herculean task head on can prove to be counterproductive when you hit roadblocks and become overwhelmed with the many obstacles it presents. Rather than thinking about all the things that can go wrong, it is always best to think about all the things that could (and would) go right. Make a gratitude list of and be thankful for even the smallest things in life. Express your love and kindness to your parents for having had nourished with food and shelter with a significant share of their earnings. Make that weekly parent call, to once everyday and express your gratitude for their kindness.

The Importance of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a concept in study under the field of psychiatry. Jon Kabat-Zinn defines it as, “is learning to pay attention moment by moment, intentionally, and with curiosity and compassion.” It is barely a surprise with our hyper-connected – selves that we fail to “process” and heed to our inner emotions, body sensations and thoughts Mindfulness aims at improving our body’s resonance with the mind and to make better choices to avoid fatigue and burnout. Mindfulness also allows for proper decision-making at testing times.

Building Good Habits

Amongst the most basic quality to any project is being able to ward-off bad and replace them with healthier and more productive habits. Waking up early in the morning and using this time space for your most difficult tasks ( “Eating the Frog”) has been recommended by many. When you deal with the most difficult task with a fresh mind, you are more likely to get better results and more likely to solve your problems. A special mention needs to be made for sitting in varying colors of light to enhance your creativity and jog your mind. The color blue is especially useful in problem-solving and creativity.

We find most happiness and contentment when we are being of help to others. Apart from having a sense of gratitude – It is advisable to do random acts of kindness in the smallest ways. Charity is often considered a selfless exercise, but by being a socially responsible person, you are increasing your hormonal and mental well-being immensely.

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