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How to Organize mornings to boost productivity!

by SmartBrainTips
How to Organize mornings to boost productivity

Not a better period exists in a Human’s life than to be able to take a task head-on with full freshness and vigor, as the early morning hours, just a couple hours before sunrise.
And do you know why?

Try waking up after a peaceful night’s sleep and taking on the most challenging task first thing in the morning and you will be amazed at how easy managing each and every roadblock is.  You will also notice increase in your creativity.

A Hormonal Perspective:

Stress often reduces our productivity and our ability to concentrate on a given task. Stress is mediated by the three hormones : Adrenaline, Norepinephrine and Cortisol.

Cortisol, also known as the Stress hormone is at its lowest levels at the mornings, between 3 AM to 8 AM.

Further, Epinephrine and NorEpinephrine are body’s sympathetic nervous system response to outside disturbances (Threats, noises and reaction to disturbances). Thus, when all these hormones are at their lowest during the day, it effectively means that you are in your most-productive state during these hours.

Mornings, are truly the most private time that you have an absolute control over. There is no need to check your phone for those perennial notifications from Facebook or answer any important phone calls during this time. Hence, mornings provide for a calm environment which is super-fertile for initiating as well as completing tasks, EFFECTIVELY.

All in all, Mornings provide for Increased Energy (Physical), Decreased Stress (Mentally) and also for better solutions in the absence of external disturbances (Mentally).

How to Organize your Mornings:

To supercharge this super-productive time period, here a few steps that you can take:

High Octane:

When you perform high-octane tasks, during the early hours of morning – Your body starts making this into a habit and starts synthesizing newer and more creative solutions during this time-period. Also continuity in the form of delegating time to your tasks the night before can help you stay focused and not waste all the time planning, and leave no time to actually do something.

Drink Water:

Water activates the internal organs of our body and it is the Elixir of Life. Water is also essential to metabolize and eliminate all the wastes that our body has accumulated the previous day.


Like herbal detox to rid your body off of the toxins it has accumulated, Meditation is the Psychological Detox that can rid your body of the junk it could have accumulated over the past weeks (or years). Meditation also increases the Theta wave frequency, which puts our mind in a restful state and promotes concentration and grasping abilities. Many of its practitioners, swear by Meditation’s ability to achieve “Tunnel Vision Syndrome” – Characterized by intense concentration, wherein all other external influences just fade away and when someone loses the sense of time. This experience is ethereal and has the potential to change your life in just a few minutes. Meditation also promotes increased Coherence with the Subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is our center for habit forming and to bring about lasting changes in our thought processes.

Play chess:

Yes! Play chess during your breaks or when you hit roadblocks that you cannot just get over. Chess provides for an all-in-one solution to jog your brain muscles and “Light Up” each and every brain center.

The use of tactics, the development of strategy and the importance of harmony and team-spirit amongst the members of your chess-pieces translate very deeply with the real-life scenarios that we face. Apart from all these survival mantras, Chess Tactics and Strategy are also very important to form connections between different parts of our brains. When these Neurons communicate with each other over a game, they are that much more likely to communicate with each other during a stressful situation related to our work or personal life.

Such coherence between Neurons, is the basis for ideas that can redefine our worlds!


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