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How to fix/reprogram your brain?

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How to fix reprogram your brain

Although the big question is whether we will ever fully understand how our brain works, neuroscience reveals to us a lot of its mysteries and shows us how to influence its work and therefore the quality of our lives. As we all know, we are part of nature, so is the brain. And our brain is governed by many laws of science, which are valid through entire universe. In addition, the brain, scientists say, can be restructured and healed, as is the case with most entities in nature. It gives hope to people who suffer from the effects of trauma or mental illness.

This newfound brains ability, called neuroplasticity, shows that we all have natural ability to reshape gray mass, through conscious action, that is, through what we say, think and do. This changes our emotional reactions at the molecular level… believe it or not, teaching them how to gently respond to unwanted situations that happened before, when it recurs. So, scientists are pointing us to the fact that by consciously changing our emotions in a given situation, we are physically “rearranging” our brains.

Today, psychologists are being offered a really direct effective treatment, even for behavioral problems already rooted in the brain, such as addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder or better known as OCD. Today, they can make the brain respond in a neurotypical way – more like a “normal” brain when faced with a challenge. When it mentioning treating obsessive compulsive disorder’s. Neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Schvartz has devised a four-step approach to cognitively biobehavioral treatment that aims to change existing patterns that respond to fears.

However, this method is not only useful for people with OCD or other serious mental illness. Many of us want to change our problematic behavior, and the four steps described by Dr. Schvartz lead us to changing ourselves to our best.

1. Change your mind to automatic reactions – these are strategies that can be learned

Step 1 would be to “depersonalize” bad behaviors – you really are not weak, inferior or a bad person. You learned to think this way, identified yourself with these “flaws” and agreed to be captured by it. The society we live in loves to set moral standards, to evaluate and grade. We often get confirmation that we are not good enough from our environment. It certainly hinders this process, but it is enough to shy away from such influences, to strengthen your faith in yourself and your own potentials. Our brains are capable of facing challenges.

We develop strategies that makes us stuck really hard in certain, and all of that because of patterns to protect ourselves from something, although we are generally unaware of it. This explains why many people that experienced childhood trauma continue to develop mental disorders. Their brains have been taught certain repetitive deep-rooted mechanisms, and since they are created at an early age, a person often perceives them as “part of themselves.” And these are just strategies learned.

You are not your emotions, thoughts, and actions – these are the things that happen to you that you have the power to control and shape as you desire. You can resolve entire misunderstandings between your body and mind, which tell you that the method of protection you have resorted to is really harmful. Once you learn how to manage your mind, you will see that there will be less fear, therefore the need for protection. When you stop being a victim in your own eyes your mind will open up to new possibilities and will have a broader view of what you are capable of as a person.

2. Learn not to identify your behavior with your personality.

The path to inner peace throughout your life often lies in separating and knowing what you can control from what you cannot. Mastering this skill will allow you to look at a particular situation much more realistically, knowing exactly what you can influence and what to release.

Start processing your thoughts! Thoughts that say you are not good enough can be called “intrusive untruth” rather than calling it low self-esteem or identify with them. You can call addiction a “thief” because it steals your money, your health … Declare your negative thoughts as aliens to protect yourself from them. They are not part of you and you can certainly do without them.

By no means does this mean that this can be an excuse for bad behavior. On the contrary. Take a deep breath, have a strong-really strong will, and master the automatic responses of your brain, until you lock the intruders… until they stop visiting your mind.

The task is certainly not easy. To manage your thoughts you need to be aware of yourself and your life, but what follows is worth the effort.

3. Set your priorities so that they reflect what is really important to you.

When you have a clear vision of your life that revolves around what you value most, it is crucial to focus your emotional energy on creating the best ideas , thoughts, and actions possible. When you act in accordance with your will, deepest desires, the mind-reward system activates and allows it to change more easily.

Most people do not define their goals clearly and have only vague ones. Don’t be most people and help yourself.

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