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How to Build Your Focus Using Simple Techniques

by SmartBrainTips
How to build your focus using simple techniques

Achieving success without persistence, sincerity and hard work is impossible. The direction in which you direct your efforts helps achieve a better result. Losing focus during crucial tasks can cause hindrances on your path towards success.
Fortunately, there are simple tricks and exercises to boost your focus which you can do at home and notice immediate results.

Here, we will talk about seven best exercises which can help build your focus:

1. Clear the Clutter

A workspace that is filled with too many unnecessary things may divert your focus from the important tasks at hand.
A disorganized desk may also lead you to lose productivity as you may spend a major chunk of your time in finding the right thing.
Having things in the right place can help your brain focus on the things that are important and put more attention to activities that require to be addressed immediately.

2. Meditate

Before you commence your daily activities, meditating for a little while helps you reflect on the tasks that you intend to do during the day.
Meditation also includes a lot of breathing exercises which not only rejuvenates the mind but also distracts your brain from all the negativity that tend to shift your focus.

The best part of meditation is that you do not require any special types of equipment to do it. It can be done at the comfort of your home and yet provide visible results.

3. Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine

Exercising is beneficial for both your mind and body. Sitting stagnant for long duration of time can be excruciating for your body which in turn causes the mind to feel dull.

Exercising releases a biochemical called Oxytocin which activates the pleasure centers in your brain. The release of this biochemical causes the mind to feel relaxed and provides it with a sense of accomplishment. Starting your day with a few physical activities can go a long way in ensuring your mental well-being.
When your mind is in a state of relaxation, it becomes easier to shift your focus on the activities you desire.

4. Create Lists

The first thing that one should do in case of diminished focus is to try to make a list of the pending tasks and their due date.

Making a list constantly reminds your brain about the activities that are required to be completed. It also helps your brain prioritize its tasks. Repeatedly, looking at your to-do lists compels your brain to put all of its efforts towards completion of the desired task.

5. Memory-building Activities

Certain activities can help boost your memory which in turn helps you focus on the task at hand.
A sharp memory means you can remember the tasks at hand with better efficiency. There are a few activities which can help you build a better memory like pattern matching, cognitive tests and solving memory-based puzzles.
This reduces the haze around your brain which leads to improved focus.

6. Redistribute Your Work

A bigger task at hand can be broken down into smaller chunks of work which can help put your brain at ease as a complex task is now replaced with several simpler tasks.

Accomplishing any task becomes much easier for your brain when the complexities are eliminated.

7. Reward Yourself

Set a reward-based goal for all the activities that you’re willing to accomplish.
Once you break down your task into several smaller tasks and add a reward for completing each activity, it motivates your brain to put all its efforts on the task at hand. Your reward can be as simple as taking a break or eating chocolate after every task you complete.

These simple exercises to boost your focus can prove to be highly beneficial in your life once transformed into a habit.


If you follow this simple 7 steps we just provided, your focus will go through the roof!

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