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How our brain sees!

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Did you know your brain is tricking your eyes

When you look at something, different “visual” areas in the brain have a “map” of the image to which it adds details – such as movement, color, depth and shape. Scientists have studied vision based on the study on patients who somehow damaged some of these areas. Injury to any area may result in the final image missing some detail.

Edges that are oriented in different directions are main triger for for neurons located in visual part of the brain and those neurons respond mainly to it. Whis is something that ’’makes’’ the shape of the object we are looking at. Information about properties on the surface of an object, such as color or shadow, indicate other signs of the object. Objects are definately most recognizable by their edges, and faces by their surface properties.

How do we know where something is?

Looking at an object, each eye sees slightly different, therefore seeing different picture. Then the brain combines these images, and that helps you determine how far the object is located. Other characters such as shadows, texture, and the fact if you already seen object in the past also help us determine distance and depth of the thing we are looking at.

Wait! Is that moving or not?

Looking at an object in motion, signals come to a specific part of the brain… let’s call it special part. Injury to that part of the brain can prevent you from seeing movement, although your eyesight is normal after all. One women suffered such injury since she had a stroke and it is interesting what she explained and how it looked like to her. When she poured tea from a cup, it seemed as if it was frozen in the middle, like it is ice. When walking down the street, she can see cars and oter vehicle changing positions, but not moving.

What exacly is agnosia?

People who damaged a particular part of the brain may suffer from agnosia. The agnosis man describes the rose as “a few inches in length, with bent curls with a linear green accessory,” and the glove as “a continuous surface recessed into itself, which has five elongations’’. He cannot even name the objects or identify what they are for. Often, agnosia is limited to facial recognition. In one case, the farmer was unable to identify his friends or family members, but had no problems identifying his sheep.

Face recognition. How does it work?

When trying to identify an unknown face, you seek specific guidance such as race, gender, and age. Humans are very good at recognizing gender, even when clear signs – such as makeup and hairstyles are missing. This judgment relies on many properties, including the shape of the eyebrows and how pronounced the nose is, which are the hallmarks of recognizing men.

Did you know your brain is tricking your eyes?

Human brain is a deep, wide spacey word on it’s own. And it seems as though our brains functions by it’s own rules! Brain is constantly giving tasks to our senses and body, making ‘’jokes’’ and solving unsolvable problems.

When our brain isn’t overloaded with a lot of work or our daily chores, it loves playing around with sense of sight and making illusions. In other words it plays with our eyes and makes interesting illusions.

And yes, this is a result of evolution. And our brain protective powers. In order for our brain to protect us, it remembers patterns and recalls them with ease! In most cases, that’s why we are so good at recognizing faces! How many legs does it have? Does it starts or ends? Is it bellow or above? We wonder all of that while watching illustrations of new fields that the machine in our head reveals.

What is it? Cathedral or a big city in the night?

What is it? System within a system, wheels in our head or unmovable circles?

Is it moving or not? Is this another dimension?

Two old people enjoying?
or two youngsters enjoying the sounds of a guitar? And what about the girl in the back!

Would you bet that the lines are parallel Or maybe not?

Tell us who is right!

Would you dare to jump?

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