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How can Nootropic supplement help you with anxiety

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How can nootropic supplement help you with anxiety

Anxiety is the feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. While anxiety is considered a normal (physiological) response to something harmful, the decreased threshold of certain individuals to such stimuli leads to abnormal and excessive fear. Persistent and excessive worry in susceptible individuals precipitates Anxiety Disorders, which not only impair workplace productivity but also hamper our personal relationships. Anxiety when untreated becomes the breeding ground for a variety of disorders like Paranoia, delusions and insomnia. Recent research has shown that evolution has equipped us to handle situations much better when under some stress, however, with the increasing use of stimulants and chemicals – Our bodies response to stressors has been exaggerated to levels requiring counselling and external help.

A few symptoms of anxiety include pounding heart, sweating and feeling of weakness. A robust nervous system with well nourished nerves forms the groundwork for healthier choices and increased productivity. Counselling forms the mainstay of treatment by imparting individuals the strategies and coping skills necessary for stress management and renewing our interpersonal skillset. Nootropics have shown some real promise as adjuvants to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Repeated Exposure Therapy (RE Therapy).

A few Nootropics that can calm your brain and bring out your natural, charming self include :


Rich in nutrients and bioactive compounds called Terpenoids and flavonoids, Chamomile is regarded as the “Super Nutrient” which can reduce inflammation and prevent Cardiovascular Disorders. Chamomile is very similar to Paracetamol and other COX-Inhibitors in its mechanism of action and by promoting neural relaxation and increasing GABA secretion in the Central Nervous system, it promotes sedation and blocks an overworking brain – which is the hallmark of an Anxious brain. Further, it also increases the secretion of SEROTONIN into the nerve endings leading to increased feeling of happiness and positivity.


Turmeric modulates Cortisol and other Neurotransmitter levels in the Central Nervous system to promote relaxation. Cortisol a known metabolite of Epinephrine is known to cause stress and excitability. Though the mechanism of action of Turmeric is yet to be understood, Curcumin has proven its Nootropic tag time and again. In fact, turmeric forms the base of most Ayurvedic Medicines.


Rich in various probiotics, Yogurt maintains a Healthy Microbiome ( The ecosystem of Useful bacteria at various levels in the body.) Being the best natural source for such useful bacteria, Yogurt increases breakdown of various complex substances. By maintaining a healthy colon and digestive system, Yogurt is known to reduce inflammation all over the body. Further, fermented foods are considered to reduce neural inflammation and also to neutralize the Blood pH.

Green tea and L-Theanine

L-Theanine is an antagonist at the Glutamate receptors and thus reduces the Excitation that Glutamate promotes. By occupying such receptor sites, L-Theanine promotes a calming effect on the Neurons. This becomes essential when you are facing the audience or hosting a show. Studies have also shown that by neutralizing toxic metabolites of ALUMINIUM, L-Theanine promotes Neural Protection. Studies into L-Theanine’s ability to increase Mitochondrial activity are being done.

L-Theanine also finds its use in reducing the risks and effects of other disorders like Paranoid thinking/Delusions as seen in Schizophrenia. It is able to ameliorate such a wide-range of brain-disorders because L-Theanine is amongst the few Bioactive chemicals that promotes relaxation of the NEURONS and is anti-excitatory. By reducing the Excitability that Glutamate induces and promoting its own Anti-Excitatory activity, AntiOxidant activity and the like – L-theanine is a must-have in today’s fast-paced life.


Theacrine is known to better your mood profiles apart from boosting mental clarity. Mood disorders due to increased work pressure and occupation induced Psychosocial disorders has been increasing exponentially over the past decade. Theacrine like Caffeine brings about depression at lower doses and Excitation at higher doses – providing for both better sleep during the nights and increased activity during the day. Theacrine is a known enhancer taken pre-workout to increase stamina levels and reduce muscle-breakdown.

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