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Depression does great damage to your brain, but there are 7 ways to fix it!

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Depression does great damage to your brain, but there are 7 ways to fix it Here

Today, more people suffer from depression than ever before. In fact, ‘’the WHO’’ states that about 350 million people today suffer from depression.

So, what happens when you are depressed?

Depression changes you as a person. You begin to feel bad and worse over time, and often disconnect from the people around you, preferring solitude to social interaction. You feel like nothing in the world can make you happy. You may have suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self-harm.

The worst part is that it seems like there is no way out for you, and you feel like you are stuck in that phase of life forever. You may feel lazy and have no appetite that will greatly degrade your health.

How it changes the brain?

Depression changes your thoughts and behaviors, but it’s not a physical change. What physical changes are happening to your body? Given your thoughts and feelings, the most pronounced physical change happens in your brain. Yes, your brain is changing due to depression.

The most notable change is happening in the hippocampal region in your brain. The hippocampus in depressed individuals is about 10% smaller than non-depressed individuals

Here’s what experts say:

Study co-author Professor Ian Hickie says:

The higher the episode of depression a person has, the greater the reduction in the size of the hippocampus. So, constant or persistent depression harms the hippocampus more if you don’t start treatment.

This largely addresses the issue of the former: the smaller hippocampus or depression? Brain damage comes from recurrent illnesses…

Other studies have shown reversibility; with the hippocampus, being one of the most unique areas of the brain that quickly generates new connections between cells, and what gets lost here are some connections between cells, not the cell itself.

Treating depression effectively doesn’t just mean medication. For example, being unemployed and then sitting in a room doing nothing can reduce the hippocampus. Thus, social interventions are equally important, and treatments with fish and oil are also considered to be neuro-protective. “

How it changes the chemicals in your body?

While pharmaceutical companies strongly promote that mental illnesses such as depression are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, it is not at all that simple. Pharmaceutical companies say depression has led to low levels of serotonin in the brain, but experts disagree.

Dr Joseph Mercola says: “The theory of serotonin is simply not a scientific statement. That’s a hard theory – a hypothesis that has proven to be incorrect. “

Despite the strong opinion of experts on this theory, pharmaceutical companies are still pushing the public that serotonin levels are one of the causes. Psychologists usually prescribe drugs that increase serotonin in depressed patients in the hope that it will be beneficial.

Why is depression happening?

This is something that despite the experts doing many detailed studies, we yet have to determine… what actually causes depression. It can be triggered by life events that occur, including long-term situations such as stressful work or an abusive relationship.

The chances of you being depressed are boosted if it is in your genes. It can be caused by drug or alcohol use, and even when none of the above cases are present, people can still be victims of depression. Therefore, it is too early to label any cause as a catalyst for depression.

However, you can stop the depression!

Depression is not permanent. You can regain control of life in order to fight it. There are many ways and medicines around the world that claim they can end depression, but very few are actually effective.

Here. we will give you some clinically proven methods for reducing or eliminating depression.

How to counteract depression?

Depression can be changed in many ways. Although they do not cure at all, they can boost your mood if done correctly.

By completing the following steps, a person who is depressed will be given a sense of responsibility and stability. Here’s what you need to do to get yourself in a better emotional state.

Analyze your opinion

The study was conducted in 2002 by the Baylor School of Medicine where doctors performed placebo surgery on patients with severe knee pain. Although doctors were sure that placebo surgery would not affect the patient’s health, they were shocked to find that during rehabilitation, the placebo patients were the same as other patients who had undergone actual knee surgery.

It shows that the mind plays a big role in how a person views their health. They can affect a depressed person. The constant thought of being depressed and sick will do you no good. The only thing stopping you from doing anything is exactly that!

Eat healthy!

In depression, people often have poor nutrition. They forget to take care of themselves in a healthy way, and sometimes they starve or lose their appetite, and at other times they indulge in unhealthy comfort foods.

We suggest that you stick to a healthy diet with as much nutrition as you can. Consulting a nutritionist and starting their diet plan will help you look great and feel good.


Exercise is one of the most valuable forms of treatment for depression. Even more satisfying than getting used to a good diet is when you have a good diet and work at the same time. Because of depressed individuals who do not want too much social interaction, they can use that time wisely and productively by going to the gym. A healthy body and mind will give you the motivation you need to bring to the surface.

It’s not just for depressed people, though doctors say lack of exercise may be more susceptible to depression in the future.

Dr. Mercola says:
Women who sat for more than seven hours a day were found to have a 47 percent higher risk of depression than women who sat for four hours or less per day. Those who did not participate in any physical activity at all had a 99% higher risk of developing depression than women who exercised. In fact, exercise may be one of the most effective and underused treatments for depression.


Meditation may not seem like much, but it is an important conscious practice that will overcome negative thoughts and replace them with calmer ones. Interpreting oneself in the peace of meditation is useful as a cure according to some psychological studies.

Set up a routine

Setting up a routine will be extremely helpful for you. You can set up a routine that gives you plenty of time to work, eat, exercise and meditate among your other activities. This will give you extra trust and boost your confidence. You will feel more responsible as if your life is well on its way.

Set goals

Give yourself achievable goals, no matter how small and easily achievable… will give you a sense of accomplishment. If you can’t make the effort to go for a walk, then just do the dishes every day.

Do something new

When you are depressed, you should try new things. Take the piano lessons you’ve always wanted. Learn a new language. Take a walk. Read the book. Volunteer to a charity


This tips will definitely help your brain when fighting with depression!

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