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Causes of depression and anxiety are discovered – It all really starts in early childhood!

by SmartBrainTips
Causes of depression and anxiety are discovered It all really starts in early childhDont hide depression inside you

In the modern world, when you are depressed and anxious you probably visit your psychologist to help you deal with this situation.

Johan Hari, a columnist for the Huffington Post, struggled with the condition as a teenager. His doctor told him that he felt that his brain was not working properly and that he was not able to produce chemicals necessary for it to work optimally.

‘’You have to take medication and they will regulate your brain function and I tried his advice for over a decade because I wanted relief. The drug would help me in the short term, but the pain always came back after that. At the end, I decided and took maximum dose of medication, and still felt deep pain” wrote Johan Harry, adding that his need for answers was so great that for three years at Cambridge University he explored what actually causes anxiety and depression.

Johan said he was surprised by the many things he learned. The first thing he learned was that his reaction to the medication was completely normal. Depression is often measured on a Hamilton scale and ranges from zero (when you dance in the ecstasy) to 59 (when you have suicidal thoughts). According to research by Professor Irving Kirsch from Hardvard University, improving your sleep reduces depression by as much as six points, while antidepressants reduce it by only 1.8 points.

Although this score is only 1.8, it is also effective. However, for many people, this is not enough to lift themselves out of depression.

Another thing I have learned is that a lot of scientists, leading ones… believe that the whole idea behind depression being caused by chemical imbalance in brain is completely wrong. I’ve learned that there are actually nine true and main causes of anxiety and depression, Johan said.

Two are biological and seven are caused by everyday life. The reasons are completely different and depend on the environment and lifestyle of anxious and depressed people, which is why the World Health Organization has warned for years that we need to address the causes of depression more deeply.

One of the causes of depression is the stressful situations that people have experienced in the past that they have tried to suppress. These situations are emotional abuse or some bad things that happened to you as a child. Thus, childhood trauma is one of the major causes of depression.

“If you had seven categories of traumatic events as a child, your chances are 3100 percent more likely to attempt suicide as an adult, and more than 4000 percent to use antidepressants” said Johan, who had such trauma when he was someone as a child. tried to strangle her with an electric cable.

He also tried to answer the questions why such events lead to self-destructive behavior. He says it’s because most people only blame themselves for what happened to them and are ashamed of it.

So depression and anxiety are mostly caused by traumatic events of the past. Because of this, in order to cope with depression you have to deal with the root causes first, and letting go of the shame is just the beginning of release.

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