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Benefits of using DMAE Bitartrate (DEANOL)

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Benefits of using DMAE Bitartrate (DEANOL)

Known as DimethylEthanolamine or simply Deanol, DMAE is naturally produced in the brain. DMAE is a colorless fluid that is involved in the oxidation and ethyl addition of Dimethylamine As a Nootropic, DMAE Bitartrate has shown some real promise in its anti-aging and free-radical neutralization properties.

The most important effect of DMAE is its ability to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and increase the levels of Acetylcholine at the Central Nervous system. In fact, DMAE is nothing but Choline with one less moiety of Carbon molecule. DMAE is present naturally in anchovies and Sardines – and by increasing the level of Acetylcholine present at the nerve-endings it enhances Memory and improves cognition.

DMAE and Anti-Aging

Beta-Amyloid is a pigment formed as a result of cellular aging and free-radical damage to the neurons. Though the mechanism of reduction of this pigment by DMAE is unknown, Deanol has been used to improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The effect of DMAE Bitartrate on Alzheimer’s Patients is further enhanced with its AcetylCholine supplementation properties.

DMAE is also a potent neutralizer of free-radicals that are formed as a result of cellular injury and repair. Free-radicals damage the cellular DNA and can precipitate over a period of time. Negating free-radicals is very important, especially with the increasing pollution levels and other carcinogens that make a part of our diet. Deanol is also effective in treating saggy skin by tightening it. It also prevents wrinkles by promoting the growth of dermal and epidermal skin layers. DMAE Bitartrate, thus offers both biochemical as well as physical anti-aging and forms an effective supplement for all-things anti-aging.

DMAE interacts with free-radicals and prevents formation of the subsequent toxic metabolites. It specifically prevents Nitroxyl radical formation associated with iron-intoxication and also prevents the cross-linking of proteins as a result of “wear and Tear”. Deanol is a potent neutralizer of the Hydroxyl cations which can impair the fluidity of a cell-membrane.

DMAE Treats Side-effects of other drugs

A common side-effect of many psychiatric medicines is due to an increase in neurotransmitters like Dopamine and serotonin ( The anti psychotics correct disorders by correcting neurotransmitter imbalances and in the process they can become excessive). When NT’s become excessive, they give rise to jerky muscle movements involuntarily, a term medically known as Tardive Dyskinesia and Huntington’s Chorea (Literally meaning dancing-like movements.) This effect is most appreciated in users of Atypical Anti psychotics( older generation medicines used to treat Parkinson’s disease). DMAE Bitartrate has significantly reduced such side-effects in a significant population. (The reasoning for such an improvement remains evasive but it is believed that Choline increase can improve the synchronicity of muscle-activity)

Deanol is also used to alleviate pain caused by Chemotherapy. The nerve damage associated with anti-cancer medications is also being treated using DMAE Bitartrate with other pain-killers. The skin changes and Hair Loss that accompany chemotherapy can be reversed with the help of DMAE.

DMAE improves athletic performance, by reducing the recovery times and improving Stamina. Deanol is said to increase the blood-flow to our brain as well as the at the skeletal muscle level through nitric-oxide mediated pathways.

DMAE and Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine is a combination of DMAE and pCPA. pCPA is a plant auxin or a plant growth hormone and pCPA increases the availability of DMAE by increasing its entry past the Blood-Brain Barrier. Centrophenoxine has proven to be a better treatment for individuals with ADHD and other cognitive disorders. Deanol can also be combined with other Nootropics like St.John’s Wort(for nicotine cessation) and Lobelia Inflata for an added range of benefits.

Dosage and Side-Effects

DMAE Bitartrate has a very favorable side-effect profile when it is taken in the prescribed dosages. 300mg to start with and up to 2000 mg can be taken. Amongst a few users, the increased Choline bioavailability has led to drowsiness, fatigue and symptoms like Nausea and Vomiting. These side-effects are noticed in most medications and Deanol is no exception. It is advisable to start with small doses and gradually reach a steady dose by understanding your body’s response to it.

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