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Amazing baby brain skills and improving brain!

by SmartBrainTips

It is possible that very young children perceive the world as ‘geniuses’. one amazing skill that all babies have is learning a language. Eight months old babies make incredible calculations to understand where word boundaries are when speaking. They do not do it consciously, but simply learn to ‘know’ where one word ends and another begins, just as autists simply ‘know’ the square root of a six-digit number. Adults, on the contrary, have to work to learn a new language, listening alone is not enough.

Some experts believe that young children, unlike others, easily acquire perfect hearing, which is also common in autists. And automatic perception – storing and using visuals in photically precise detail – is also far more common in children than in adults.

Experts believe that babies have the abilities shown by autists, but say they are lost because of changes brought about by brain development. Namely, newborns use only parts of the brain that adults are not ‘aware’ of, but which record sensory information and respond to needs, emotions, and automated behavior. takes on more and more work. In children, this function is accelerated by about 18 months, when they begin to fester. The frontal cortex, the part of the brain where most of the conceptual data processing takes place, is activated, however, only when it begins to speak.

Language learning also brings a nomination to one side of the brain. In right-handers, it is usually the left hemisphere, where the main center of speech develops. For example, testosterone is known to slow the development of the left hemisphere in male fetuses. If this slowdown persists, autism can occur. This may be explained by the fact that autism is six times more common in men than in women.

There are a number of strange cases in which normal people have suddenly developed extraordinary abilities, after injuring their left side of the brain. A nine-year-old boy, for example, became a genius for mechanics after an accident in which a stray bullet tore a part of his left brain. And psychiatrist Bruce Miuler of Los Angeles School of Medicine described five patients who have developed incredible drawing skills after damaging the left hemisphere.

How to improve brain functions

Eat fish: This may seem like a bap story, but fish is really packed with nutrients that stimulate brain function.

Massage the brain: This is no joke. Head massage improves circulation, relieves tension in the scalp, tightens concentration and helps clear thinking.

Engage in art: Engage in some creative hobby of any kind – drawing, pottery making, sculpting. Write a novel – who knows, you might someday get rich.

Food for Mind: It doesn’t have to be dietary – but it has to be full of antioxidants (fresh fruits and vegetables) to keep brain cells in top shape.

Make “maps”: Whether you are studying, working on your ideas or solving some problems, you will get the best results by making ‘grids’ – drawings or ‘maps’ of data, which means connecting them to each other instead of taking ordinary notes.

Go back to school: Enroll in an ‘evening’ school, courses – languages, computers, whatever – you will increase your brain power if you study hard.

Train the Brain: Practice mental arithmetic whenever you have the opportunity. For example, the next time you go to a self-service shop, prepare a ‘bill’ yourself in your head before you come to the cash register. Or, at the market, calculate for yourself how much a kilo and two hundred apples will cost you…

Despite all the revelations, our gray matter remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Maybe it is God who has given us the task of trying to find out the possibilities of his own brain and discover the unprecedented possibilities that lie in it. But there is a long way to go in order to fully understand the workings of our brains.

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