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Alpha Brain VS TruBrain

by SmartBrainTips
Alpha Brain VS Trubrain Nootropic Battle Review

The nootropic supplements market is growing at a very fast pace, newer brands are trying to answer the “trillion dollar question” – and to become the only product that can capture this space. That’s right, the nootropics industry is valued at a trillion dollars and ALPHA BRAIN and TRUBRAIN fight it out to become the industry leaders.

Let’s check the nutritional value of each of these supplements and decipher are they really worth their price tags and importantly if this new industry can really enhance our cognitive abilities to make us the “limitless” version of ourselves.


Alpha BrainAPS
Vitamin B610 mg
Oat Straw Extract
(Onnit Flow Blend)
650 mg
Cat’s Claw350 mg
Bacopa Extract
L-Alpha GPC
Huperzia Serrata
(Onnit Focus Blend)
240 mg
(Onnit Fuel Blend)
60 mg
Vitamin C300 mg
Noopept20 mg
Acetyl-L-Carnitine500 mg
N-Acetyl Tyrosine350 mg
Centrophenoxine250 mg
L-Theanine160 mg
Uridine Monophosphate500 mg
Magnesium200 mg
*features both caffeinated version and caffeine free version

APS = Amount Per Serving, mcg = Micrograms, mg = Miligrams

Other Specifics:

Alpha BrainTrubrain
Serving Sizes90 Capsules in a Box30 packs in a Box
Per Dose Serving2 Capsules in a day1 oz packet
How much do you need for a month1 bottle1 box

Although a bit pricier, both cost somewhat reasonable. TruBrain provides 30 packets, whereas, Alpha Brain provides 90 capsules which can last a full month, so on that notice they got themselves a pass.

Battle begins!

Price and Value:

A very crude comparison would price a single Alpha Brain capsule – 0.88$ and a single Trubrain pack – 2.16$. Lets dive deeper in what do they offer for that pricing.

Recommended Dietary Allowance:

Micronutrients are required in very small amounts for our body to operate normally. The amount of each nutrient required can be measured using a uniform (globally accepted) value called Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for each sex based on their years. RDA is measured on a “per-day” basis.

Vitamins Battle:

VitaminRDAAlpha BrainTrubrain
Vitamin B61.3-1.6mg10mgNA
Vitamin C75-90 mg             NA300mg
RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowance, NA = Not Applicable (Not included)

Both supplement brands have one vitamin in their formula. Let’s see why did they pick them.

Alpha Brain decided to put vitamin B6 into the equation, and they weren’t cheap on it! Their formula packs an impressive 10mg dose which is way out of the RDA allowance. Is that a good thing? Vitamin B6 with a combination of other B vitamins can lower homocysteine which contributes to cardiovascular health. It’s also said it promotes proper red blood cell synthesis which in return helps our body stay oxygenated. Vitamin B6 can improve cognition and prevent cancer formation. The 10mg dose might seem high but we found nothing that indicates it could cause any health risks, so your good to go.

On the other hand, TruBrain decided to go with vitamin C. It too features a higher dose then the RDA allowance. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in the body and like that can help fight off byproducts of the metabolism called free radicals. Free radicals are thought to cause cancer. Another thing that antioxidants can do is to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and maintain normal cardiovascular function. The thing you’ve probably heard off is that Vitamin C can help when you catch a common cold. Vitamin C can’t cure the flu, but it can help alleviate the symptoms and help your body fight it off faster. The upper limit of Vitamin C for adults is around 2000mg, so you should be fine with TruBrain’s 300mg dose.

With this being said we can conclude that both nootropics wanted to implement some of the vitamins in order to benefit their nootropic formulas. For example, vitamin B6 in Alpha Brain in combination with L-Theanine can boost mood and support your state of mind. Some studies indicate that L-Leucine and vitamin B6 can help prevent obesity. We didn’t find any studies on Vitamin C with other ingredients from the TruBrain formula.

Amino Acids Battle:

Amino AcidRDAAlpha BrainTrubrain
L-Tyrosine0.5 – 2.5 g **less than 650 mg350 mg
L-TheanineNA**less than 650 mg160 mg
L-Leucine2.6 – 3 g**less than 65 mgNA
RDA = Recommended Dietary Allowance, NA = Not Applicable (Not included)

**Alpha Brain does not provide the individual concentration of the above ingredients. A suggestive value of less than the available values has been taken for comparison purposes.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is used to improve memory and cognition in the elderly. It is not strictly an amino-acid but the removal of acetyl moiety forms an amino acid. It is also used to treat alcoholics and to hasten the process of memory recovery and cognition. Acetyl L-Carnitine finds its most use in elderly and serves little purpose in the younger age-groups. Recent studies claim that it can negate hormonal imbalance in males and treat testosterone deficiency. L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine are present in both of these supplements brands. While L-Theanine promotes activity and wakefulness, L-Tyrosine is involved in various metabolic processes, including muscle-growth. L-Leucine is an essential amino acid, meaning that our body cannot produce it by itself. This amino acid forms proteins and is involved in making of muscles.

Nootropic Ingredients Battle:

Coming down to the real-competition between the two supplements, we tabulate the nootropics present in each of the supplement brands and evaluate their functions.

IngredientAlpha BrainTrubrainFunctions
PhosphatidylserineYES/– Improves mental function
– Improves symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
– Enhances athletic performance.
– Alleviates muscle soreness
Cat’s ClawYES/– Improves some types of arthritis
– Can help in digestive system disorders
– Boosts immunity
L-Alpha GPCYES/– Boosts acetylcholine levels in the brain
– Improves memory and thinking
– Improves learning
– Improves symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia
Bacopa MonneriYES/– Can help with learning and memory
– Helps with anxiety
Huperzine SerrataYES/– Alleviates Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia
– Boosts memory
Noopept/YES– Improves memory and brain function
Centrophenoxine/YES– Neuro-energizer by enhancing acetylcholine levels in brain
– Eliminates some waste products from the body
Uridine Monophosphate/YES– Mood optimizer
L-TyrosineYESYES– Mental performance during stressful conditions
– Memory during stressful conditions
– Improving alertness
L-TheanineYESYES– Helps with anxiety, stress and depression – Mental performance in combination with caffeine

Quantitatively, from the above list we can see that Alpha Brain contains more nootropics and probably covers a wider gamut of disorders and enhances more functions.

TruBrain’s nootropics:
a) Noopept: is a synthetic compound and has a similar effect to piracetam, which is also considered as a nootropic. Significant sum of people have complained of the following side-effects while using Noopept: brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, headache and insomnia. The side-effect profile of Noopept is not as favorable as the nootropic’s supplements in Alpha Brain.
b) Centrophenoxine: is a chemical compound that is made up from DMAE and pCPA. DMAE brings up ACh levels in the brain which affect our mood, memory and brain function. DMAE can’t cross the blood brain barrier very well, but in this form as a Centrophenoxine it can. General dictum for nootropics is that “Natural supplements have lesser side-effects when compared to their synthetic counterparts”. Centrophenoxine shows most benefits in the elderly and prevents age-related cognitive decline.
c) Uridine Monophosphate: This substance is endogenously present as the building block for DNA and RNA. It has a well-favored side-effect profile and can enhance neural regeneration and neural communication.

Alpha Brain on the other hand, contains a large array of natural nootropics. These natural nootropics come with fewer and less-intense side-effects.


Alpha Brain’s phosphatidylserine is the basic ingredient of most nootropic supplement brands and is useful for maintaining the cell-membrane of neurons which form the gateway for neural impulse transmission. Further, the inclusion of Bacopa Extract and Cat’s Claw can prevent Irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and other malabsorption syndromes.
TruBrain’s noopept, centrophenoxine and uridine monophosphate are other nootropics that enhance neural communication and improve the neural communication between different areas of the brain – leading to better memory and improved cognition. Centrophenoxine, however does not have enough clinical evidence to clearly delineate its adverse effects.

Winner is Alpha Brain!

Clearly, Alpha Brain beats TruBrain in almost every section of this article. The number and quality of nootropics and amino acids present in it are far superior to its counterpart. Further, the lack of knowledge about nootropics like Centrophenoxine and Noopept can make its users vulnerable to the side-effects that synthetic compounds can cause.

Official Trubrain website: https://www.trubrain.com/
Official Alpha Brain website: https://www.onnit.com/alphabrain/

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